Who Do I Speak to?

At Hexagon Psychology, we employ a wide-range of mental health professionals that can support with many of the challenges faced by children, youth, adults, and entire families. To help your navigation of our website, we have provided a "cheat-sheet" so you can understand the difference between our many professionals.

No matter which kind of professional you choose to work with, please know we have your best intentions at heart. We will make sure we line you up for the right professional to meet your unique needs.


These individuals can provide an assessment, develop a treatment plan that focuses on addressing problems and deliver psychotherapy and/or a psychological treatment that focuses on addressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Social Workers

These individuals perform psychotherapy, emphasize assisting clients in building skills and abilities, and use personal or community resources to manage their problems and needs.


These individuals are supervised by Psychologists and support in the completion of psychological assessments. They are trained in the gathering of information and administration of psychological tools.