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Courtney Miller


Courtney is a doctoral student at the University of Calgary where she earned her Master of Science in Educational Psychology with a specialization in School and Applied Child Psychology. Her graduate research focused on child and parent-reported strengths of children with ADHD. Her dissertation research will focus on outcomes associated with a social skills intervention (PEERS) for teenagers with ADHD. Courtney intends on becoming a psychologist once she has finished her educational pursuits.

Courtney has 2.5 years of experience and formal training in assessment, including administering psychological, neuropsychological, psycho-educational, and gifted assessments in both private and school-based settings. Courtney has a variety of experiences (7+ years) volunteering and working with children and adolescents with various developmental, mental health, and co-occurring conditions. Courtney aspires to practice with the principles of inclusivity, safety, and kindness at the forefront of her work.

Outside of school and work, Courtney can be found spending time outdoors with her lovable golden retriever, Doug.

Courtney Miller

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Specialty Area(s)

• Psychoeducational Assessments
• Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• Child and Teen Mental Health
• Child Development and Behaviour Concerns
• Learning Disabilities

Treatment Approach(es)

• Courtney supports in the completion of psychological assessments and does not provide direct therapy.

Service Area(s)

• All Canadian provinces and territories.

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