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Sarah Nugent

Registered Psychologist

Sarah is a Registered Psychologist who completed her graduate training at the University of Calgary. She has more than ten years of clinical experience working with clients and families in private practice, school, employment, and agency-based settings. She has worked in various roles as a school psychologist, social skills facilitator, expert consultant, supervisor, and university instructor.

Sarah’s focus is client-centred, strength-based, and holistic in nature to best understand strengths and differences inherent in an individual. This not only helps with identity affirmation but also fosters resiliency to approach life’s obstacles with newfound knowledge and strength.

Sarah specializes in the assessment of complex presentations across the ages of preschool to adults. She has a keen interest in the assessment of individuals who have ‘fallen through the cracks’ in society in terms of diagnosis and treatment. She is a strong advocate for this population and is well-known across schools, doctors, and community organizations.

Sarah adopts creativity in her therapeutic approach to embrace a client’s neurodiversity. She works in a collaborative manner to involve the client and those close to them to find ways to play to their strengths while also managing their differences. This helps to foster a supportive community for the client and can include involvement from the client’s school, parent, romantic partner, or other health professionals.

Sarah Nugent

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Specialty Area(s)

• Psychological and Psycho-Educational Assessments
• Mental Health Assessment
• Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
• Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
• French Immersion learning
• Anxiety and Depression

Treatment Approach(es)

• Person-Centred Therapy
• Narrative Therapy
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Solution Focused Brief Therapy
• Strategy-Based Counselling

Service Area(s)

• Alberta
• Ontario
• Quebec
• New Brunswick
• Nova Scotia
• Yukon
• Nunavut

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