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The Application Process is now closed.

We received an incredible amount of interest and are extremely grateful to everyone who applied. If you reached out to us separately with questions or comments and did not receive a response yet, we appreciate your patience while we work through each applicant.

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Mastering Tele-Assessment: Conducting Psycho-Educational Assessments in Online Environments

The world has changed, and with it the practice of psychology. In this two-day, face-to-face workshop, participants will receive an in-depth theoretical, ethical, legal, and practical review of performing psycho-educational assessments in online environments. Participants will learn how to conceptualize and conduct psycho-educational assessments in online environments with child and adult clients.

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  • Gain an understanding of the nature, history, research, and current controversies and problems related to tele-assessment. 

  • Learn about the theoretical, ethical, legal, cultural, and psychometric aspects of conducting psycho-educational assessments within online environments. 

  • Understand the nuance of performing tele-assessments within cross-jurisdictional contexts. 

  • Practice setting-up, choosing testing batteries, and considering the practical elements of administering psycho-educational assessments within online environments. 

  • See the essential considerations when conceptualizing, interpreting testing results, and writing-up psychological findings obtained from performing tele-assessments, including limitations. 

  • Discuss the implications of performing psycho-educational assessments with complex presentations within online environments. 

In this training, participants will...

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16 CE Credits approved by the Canadian Psychological Association

Only 10 participants for each location

In-person training provided by leading clinical experts

Thanks to the Government of Canada and the Government of New Brunswick, this initial training is offered at no cost to attendees.

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Each participant will receive a swag bag full of fun gadgets and tools.

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